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shipping & insurance (NOTE: New Rates effective 1/27/2013!)

Although our cart estimates shipping charges for domestic US orders (CDs / 7"s only), ALL shipping will be calculated separately and we will e-mail you with your final total upon request. Actual shipping charges will more or less resemble the following:

Domestic US Shipping & Handling Rates

CD's / 7" Records / Cassettes (shipped FIRST CLASS MAIL up to 13 oz., PRIORITY MAIL over 13 oz.)

  • 1 item = $4.00, $1 each additional
  • 13-40 items = $20.00 (flat rate priority box)
  • NOTE: For DVDs, add $1.00 per item to the first class rates above

10" / 12" / Other* (PLEASE notify us of your shipping preference when placing your order!) --

  • 1 item Media Mail = $5.00 + $1 each additional
  • 1 item Priority Mail = $12.00 + $3 each additional
  • Flat Rate Priority Mail = $20.00 for up to 10 LPs

US orders weighing 14 ounces or more are sent media mail, unless priority mail is specified when ordering. CD / 7" orders weighing under 14 ounces are sent standard 1st class. *

Overseas Shipping & Handling Rates

INTERNATIONAL FIRST CLASS MAIL (up to 4lbs. weight) -- CD's / 7" Records

  • 1 item = $14.00
  • More than one item requires an individual quote

INTERNATIONAL FIRST CLASS PACKAGE SERVICE (up to 4lbs. weight) -- 10" / 12" / LP

  • 1 item = $25.00
  • More than one item requires an individual quote - weight will be calculated on an individual basis and shipped INTERNATIONAL PRIORITY MAIL if over 4 pounds. Rates will vary depending on what country you live and the exact weight of your items. If you require a total prior to us charging your credit card, please include this request in the comments section of the order form.

Shipping Rates to CANADA

CD = $5.00 7" = $12.00 LP = $16.00 -- more than one item requires an individual quote.

* If you would like your order shipped by a different method than stated above, please indicate this in the special instructions field of your order form. Media mail is a cost-effective option that seems to have improved in reliability over the past few years. That said, there does seem to be a higher potential for loss and excessive delivery times. Tonevendor recommends the purchase of insurance for ALL orders to protect your purchase again lost, missing or damaged parcels. Insurance rates are outlined below.

180-gram and Other Heavyweight LPs

For domestic priority mail and international shipments only: all 180-gram, 220g, and heavier weight LPs will be charged an additional $2.00 per LP for additional shipping, due to the added weight. This does not apply to media mail purchases.

Multiple-disc items

For multiple-item titles (2xCD, 2xLP, etc.), EACH ITEM counts as one item for shipping. So for example, for a 2xLP, the 2-item shipping rate will apply. For large items such as large box sets, we will calculate the shipping total individually so the rate will be more sensible for you.

* "Other" items

"Other" items are those that are generally more bulky and/or heavy than average, including (but not limited to) books, magazines, vinyl records with added booklets and/or heavyweight jackets, etc. We ship magazines based on a reasonable rate for the weight of the magazine - since that can vary anywhere from 4 ounces to over 1 pound, the rate varies greatly. We always ship the best way possible to save you money and get it to you safely. If you require an exact total for these items, please request this in the comments section of the order form when placing your order.

Flat Rate International Priority Mail

Flat Rate Envelopes -- We can ship up to 6 CDs / 7"s in a flat-rate International Priority envelope upon request. Rates are $25 for most countries, $22 for Canada. We can fit various combinations of CDs and 7"s - 6 items maximum (typically). Note that double items and oddly-shaped items may affect the amount of items we can fit.

Flat Rate Box -- The charge for shipping in a Flat Rate Box is $45.00 to Canada, and $65.00 to all other countries. We can fit combinations of CDs and 7"s, up to 40 items total, per box. This can be a significant savings on shipping for larger international orders up to 40 items or more, as the shipping cost is the same for any amount!

Jewel Case Removal

Due to the tedious process of removing jewel cases and inclusion of extra packaging to prevent breakage, a surcharge of $1.00 will be added to your order for each jewel case removed. This may or may not be worth it for you, so please take note! We shall not be responsible for any items damaged due to having the jewel cases removed. Please note that although we will take precautions to protect the shipment, you are taking a risk of potentially bent or torn printing, scuffed CD face, etc.

insurance / registered mail (upon request)

Disclaimer: Tonevendor shall not be held responsible for lost, missing, or damaged packages that are not insured or registered.

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