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During checkout, Tonevendor ensures the safety of your private information by using multiple encryption systems.

from your PC..

Your order is sent with industry-standard *128-bit encryption to our secure server. You may verify our Thawte SSL certificate during checkout via your browser, usually by double-clicking the "lock" symbol.

*The server also accomodates older browsers with 40/56-bit encryption support, though we encourage you to upgrade your browser if it doesn't support full 128-bit encryption.

from our secure server..

Your information is never stored on the server. It is sent immediately to us with 1024-bit encryption provided by GNU Privacy Guard.

more about this technology (links in new windows)..

Our webserver uses mod_SSL to communicate with your browser via Secure Sockets Layer.

GNU Privacy Guard is an implementation of OpenPGP, an internet standard for data encryption and digital signature generation.

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