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Grey Tapes


Debut "solo" offering from acclaimed and genuine Australian underground living legend David Nichols. As a musician David was a founding member of the Cannanes (19 years ago!), and has been responsibe for globally adored bands Crabstick and Blairmailer in the early 90's. David's current band is Huon, a loose knit experimental art-pop band from Melbourne, (also with numerous releases on 555). THE GREY TAPES is a slight departure in style for David, with a more late 70's DIY artpunk approach-think Swell Maps, Lilliput, The Fall etc, topped off with Davids trademark deadpan somnambulent vocal and frenetic drumming. Innovative, improvised and understated. The limited version of this CD includes a 100 page book featuring prose, cartoons, and song lyrics. Which, aside from his musical ventures, David is also globally recognized for. David wrote the 1997 autobiography for the Go-Betweens, and was also the editor for Smash Hits in Australia throughout the 1980s, and has worked for numerous magazines such as Rolling Stone, Careless Talk and The Age, (Australian national newspaper). The book is limited to 300 and numbered with handscreened covers. CD 12 songs, 32 minutes.
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