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Devendra Banhart

Black Babies CD

With a gratifying amount of interest surrounding Devendra Banhart's debut album Oh Me Oh My The Way The Day Goes By The Sun Is Setting Dogs Are Dreaming Lovesongs Of The Christmas Spirit, Young God has harvested six new tracks from the floating and constantly replenished pool of songs at Banhart's disposal (about 100 from which to choose at any given moment), and complemented them with two favorites from Oh Me Oh My... to make The Black Babies (UK). But let's cut to the chase and survey selected comments plucked from the onslaught of praise for Mr. Banhart: "Using voice, guitar, and four-track, his raw songcraft is terrifyingly effective at communicating the breadth of human emotion.... Belying his uncouth and unwashed countenance, Devendra Banhart's debut is beautiful, damaged, naked and utterly compelling." -Jim Haynes, The Wire "Take one damaged 21-year-old drifter, give him an acoustic guitar and some busted four-track recorders, and the result is a compelling mix of the eccentric and the sublime.... Certainly Devendra Banhart's beautifully raw debut album sounds like nothing else ... more than just spittle in the face of an over-processed music industry. Soulful, troubling and troubled, it's a spiritual manifesto from a one-man species." -Neva Chonin, San Francisco Chronicle
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