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During the 90's Mike Downey was one-half the song writing team that made up the pop outfit Wolfie. From their small Chicago suburb town, Wolfie were the forerunners of the indie-pop scene; releasing records for, among others, Parasol and Kindercore. When Mike left the band in the Autumn of 2000 he focused all of his song writing towards the National Splits, essentially his solo project. Songs about friends and car trips and soda shops and Minnesota and gettin' loose while hangin' out around the sun. Sounds rooted the Sixties, but not of the psychedelic sort. Think more along the lines of an indie-rock glam-rock. Imagine, if you will, Bill Fox attempting to record 'Electric Warrior' in his bedroom. Not being too concerned with every note being played perfect. Not really worried if the recordings aren't hi-fi. Just trying to get the feel and emotion of the song down on tape. The perfect summer soundtrack? I should say, Yes. So go out and get yourself a six-pack, no make that a twelve pack, of orange soda, grab your favorite guy or gal and go on a road trip with all the windows down. These are the ideal songs to guide your way. Writing fun rock songs that make your soul feel good. That is National Splits.
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