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Countdown to Putsch

Handbook for Planetary Progress CD

Countdown to Putsch are members of the Judas Iscariot, That's All she Wrote, and Your Adversary. This, their first release, includes a self-published, 100 page socio-political text as well as a 72 minute audio CD with 50 minutes of scathing hardcorepunk music and an interview with activist Jafar S. Hamzah about human rights issues in Indonesia. Limited to 1000 copies. "This is an insane project... it is an assault upon the senses. The thick book (not a booklet!) has opinions and ideas on every subject - and they don't shy away from the controversial! It' s almost too much to read in one sitting, as it jumps from heavy subject to heavy subject in short little bite sized snippets - which deceivingly makes you think you could digest a lot at one time!... I would say that this band fits into the emo/hardcore style of a band like Three Studies, but with much more diversity. This is all over the place! From hardcore to screamed vocals over saxophone - this is a full scale assault! I'm impressed by a band that's not afraid to mix their politics with their music. Recommended!" - Lumberjack Distribution
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