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A collection of rare tracks from Intonarumori collected over the last ten years. Includes unreleased tracks and music previously released only on compilations and cassettes or as soundtracks for theater and film productions. "The subtitle to this 10 - year overview from Seattle experimenter/cellist Kevin Goldsmith is "rumbles, roars, explosions, crashes, splashes and booms." Since Goldsmith adopted his moniker from Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo's early 20th century noise machines, which were to reproduce industrial sounds, it seems fair to assume that the moniker and subtitle would act as an effect summary of Goldsmith's sonic investigations. But that would be a simplistic assessment, to say the least. Certainly, there is a fair bit of banging, clanging, and dark rumblings, but these pieces are less restricted to a rythmic cul de sac and more improvised and open. Not to mention more dynamic. Indeed, these collages range from monolithic pits of dark noise to more modulated, sculpted ambience to bold cinematic soundscapes to solemn piano requiems. But Goldsmith is no labcoat asthete and possesses a sly sense of humor, such as when he drowns a sample of Public Image Limited's "What You Want" in rush of running water. Goldsmith has a flair for juxtaposition and editing that makes his moniker seem a little bit like false advertising." - Richard Moule for Grooves Magazine
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