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the resound of a foggy autumn dawn CD

Montreal born Neil Wiernik and recently retransplanted back to Montreal from Toronto, is a media artist turned electronic music composer who began creating electronic music in 1988. Known to push the boundaries of his musical form - from designing new or manipulating existing sound making devices and software to creative uses of production environments and sound sources. Though his composition and production styles are diverse, he keeps a central focus throughout all his production: experimentation. Neil had a long history of both group and solo electronic music projects including work with The Crystal Methodists and Phycus before setteling into his current project "naw". In terms of solo work, Neil has released music under his given name and under the pseudonym of naw, on various national and international record labels. Neil's recent work is a hybrid of minimal techno, dark ambient, dub, and other experimental music's. Under the naw moniker Neil has performed extensively in Canada and out side of, along side a variety of local and international artists. The likes that include: sutekh, kit clayton, stewart walker, unit, phoenicia, jake mandell, tikiman and scion, monolake, rechnezentrum, apparat, kero, todd sines, deadbeat, algorithm, tomas jirku, mitchell akiyama, jetone, polmo popo, david kristian, i8u, andrew duke and martin tetrault just to name a few.
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