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Melancholy arrives in many degrees, but sometimes it's that mid-range blue brimming with hope that hits the hardest. Loquat strikes the perfect balance between bubbly pop and moody measures on fall as Kylee Swenson's sugary vocals dance atop a swirl of keys, subtle guitar strums and steady beats, creating serene moments mounted in memory and anticipation. Past lives ("Swingset Chain"), feline companions ("Friend Without Thumbs") and wandering thoughts ("Internal Crash") are the subjects of fall, closing in resounding fashion with a deep house remix of "Swingset Chain" by Atomix and Spindly, perfect for late night roller-skating through the city. After five-plus years building a studio and recording trip-pop under the name Loquat, Kylee Swenson and Earl Otsuka realized they needed to get out of the house before they developed an allergy to the sun. Enter drummer Christopher Lautz, ex-Damsels bassist Anthony Gordon and keyboardist Ben Kasman and the coolest San Francisco dream pop quintet was born.
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