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Clairecords is extremely proud to present one of the most highly anticipated debut albums in noisepop history Astrobrite's "Crush" CD. After 6 grueling years of laboring over home recordings and refining them with many fine-toothed combs, Astrobrite has culled the best tracks from over the years and polished, re-recorded, added and subtracted, resulting in an end product of refined gorgeous noisepop sheen. With tape-to-digital production/mixing assistance by Adam Cooper (Alison's Halo / Pastry Heroes / Kitten Factor) and Peter Markovich, the recipe is perfected. 12 tracks of 4-track sonic bliss that hearken back to the heyday of the early 90's dreampop scene and retaining all the beauty and charm after all these years.
Astrobrite has been dropping jaws since 1994. Since then, scads of homemade cassette tapes have been sent out to friends, zines, labels, etc. These tapes were filled with the most blistering candy-coated noisepop songs ever made. Extreme, brutal, gorgeous and amazing can all describe the songs on those cassettes. Taking "shoegazing" to the absolute next level, Astrobrite created more sonic noise blast extremes than MBV's 'Loveless' and the Lilys' 'In the Presence of Nothing' combined, while retaining as much, if not more, pop melody than both of those landmark albums in the genre.
Astrobrite is one Scott Cortez. The name should be recognizable from his established work under the guise Lovesliescrushing resulting in several successful recordings on the Projekt Records label. Astrobrite takes the same sonic-extreme ideas of Lovesliescrushing and applies them to more reverbed and distorted guitars performing genius pop songs. Over the years, Scott took on a few extra band members on brief occasions, but it never worked out properly, so he decided it best to stick with himself. Astrobrite enjoyed a very brief 15 minutes of fame back in 1995 when they were featured in Alternative Press. Then a 3 piece band, they had been courted by various labels, all of which sadly resulted in nothing but a nice shiny picture in a nice shiny magazine.
Future plans for Astrobrite include, of course, more recordings including the sophomore album planned for release later in 2001, as well as an EP on Sonic Syrup Records later this month. Also, rehearsals are underway for a live Astrobrite tour. Adam and Cat of legendary dreampop band Alison's Halo have been drafted to fill out the guitar wall-of-sound live requirements.

All "normal" copies of the pressing (limited to 959 copies) are packaged as follows:

- 3 pieces of yellow vellum (including tri-fold booklet-wraparound) and two pieces of opaque cardstock * Note that there are two different styles of the booklet piece of cardstock - one is magenta with white shapes, the other is white with magenta shapes!
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