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The debut from NYC avant-pop trio ELK CITY is a collision of smoky folk and classic New Wave. Organic drums and guitars are interwoven with synthetic textures from analog synths and tweaked electronics, as co-ed vocals that range from ethereal to earthbound intertwine above the mix. Arising out of the implosion of MELTING HOPEFULS, a critically acclaimed mid-90s pop band that garnered rave reviews in SPIN, Melody Maker, CMJ and NME, Elk City began in autumn 1997 as a back-to-basics, "Let's have fun", no rules, experimentation project. Having originally recruited guitarist/vocalist Peter Langland-Hassan to play in MELTING HOPEFULS, drummer/producer Ray Ketchem and vocalist Renee LoBue (the core of the Hopefuls) soon saw better possibilities in their new partner. The chemistry within the new trio was apparent immediately. Peter and Renee sang together with a natural, unconscious grace, and the songs were pouring out at the rate of several per week. The three of them spent the entirety of 1998 in their recording/rehearsal studio, The WOMB, jamming, writing, making noise, and recording every moment onto multi-track tape. Listening back to their favorite moments, the band later picked songs from these early sessions to fully flesh out and turn into tracks for Status. As you listen to the varied tracks of Status, you can hear the band toying with any number of genres. There's the GUIDED BY VOICES cruncher "Groundbreaking," the LOW-like hush of, "Mysteries Unknown," and the WEEN-like Moog-mugging of "Chocolate Girl." And, of course, there are tracks such as "Dreams of Steam," "Love's Like a Bomb", and "Fall Out of Reach," which are completely their own. Status has the glow of something projected through a lens bent by the VELVET UNDERGROUND, polished by the CARS, and re-focused by YO LA TENGO.
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