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Prefuse 73

The Forest of Oversensitivity 12"

"Acting as a conceptual accompaniment to his prog-epic Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian, The Forest Of Oversensitivity EP re-imagines 'Preparation Kids Choir' and 'Simple Loop Choir' into five dreamily psyched versions. 'Overkill Choir' and 'Relief Choir' on the A-side explore the sort of swooning harmonics and folksy/Latin debted melodies that also mark his Savath & Savalas output, creating lush organic textures and fluid yet complex percussive frameworks to fall into. The B-side revisions 'Preparation's Kids Choir (Can't Dance No More Version)' and 'Always Alone Choir' take a more defined hiphop/electronic stance with snapping rhythms taking influence from collaborator Roberto Carlos Lange and sounding much closer to the Prefuse of old, leaving 'Simple Loop Choir' to finish with a cosmic swirl of acoustic guitars and sun baked psychedelia." - Bedil /
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