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Critically admired and fan celebrated San Francisco psychedelic power rockers Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound delivers a one-two punch of psychedelic power choogle and lunar outpost chillout on their long awaited new album Manzanita. The most realized document of the band's shape shifting powers yet, Manzanita is a gumbo of potent California psychedelic pop rock brimming and bubbling over with feeling, fuzz, soul, sunshine, melancholy, feral ferocity, and hook-laden mystery. The electrically colorful quartet, whose sound was once described as "re-envisioning Spiritualized as a jam band," creates what can be described as "post psych rock" that is at once pastoral, menacing, leaden, and ethereal. Or maybe the band themselves describe it all best: "Imagina you're alone, and [our band's] along and we're playing you a gig our last glorious supper on this giant abandoned space freighter, just before we're ripped asunder in the gravity of giant planets. That's what we're going for."
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