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Get Young is ten tracks of sharp-toothed, heavily armed, snappish pop songs. "Piranha" is a ravenous number that recalls the blistered pop audacity of early XTC, repeating its hooks like a mechanical hound relentlessly tickling your feet with its animal tongue. "Tora Tora Tora" has the last laugh in pop, jerking it's listener around by the neck while they cackle hysterically; like Devo at 11 with the rafters rattling. This is the giddy nature which characterizes most of Get Young. And just when you think you have this record pegged, they throw you a curve ball like "Solar Energy." Equally bounless in its ambitions and unpredictable in its rewards, the song braves its electronic drum sound to reveal an emotional interior which passes by in a flash. That's just their style-a band with hooks too clever to hang, and a future too bright for its own tan.
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