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The Siren's Wave CD

"Imagine for a moment the Wicker Man manned by the late Teiji Ito -- resident avant composer for Harry Smith & Maya Deren -- with psych-folk giants Comus sitting in for good measure and you've got some idea of what Glasgow avant folk trio Nalle have put together on their mesmerizing sophomore effort, The Siren's Wave. Centered around Hanna Tuulikki's rich and expansive vocals, with a heady, kaleidoscopic mix of vintage whirling oscillators, Moog synths and buzzing harmonium, alongside the intrepid string explorations of Chris Hladowski and Aby Vulliamy, these six pieces continue the long trek through other worlds of sound to form a dense, cohesive suite that meshes everything from Japanese gagaku, European plainsong, Near Eastern modal drones and more. With Siren's Wave, Nalle have procured a special place where folk conventions are curiously uprooted & seamlessly meshed with otherworldly avant tendencies. Features members of The Family Elan, Scatter & the One Ensemble of Daniel Padden."
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