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This is the eagerly-awaited fourth installment in BPitch Control's Boogy Bytes series, mixed by the label queen herself, Ellen Allien. Allien describes this mix as "emotional, noisy, trippy, weird and sexual," an apt characterization of her typology of sound that is perhaps more crooked, more abstract or technoid than others, but with a seamless queue of artists that you can't help but be excited about. As a DJ, she maintains that emotional and direct contact to the audience always comes first -- likewise, she tries to anticipate all the facets and interactions of daily life where music is a companion, whether it be dancefloor, airport, studio, office or living room. For example, the bass drum is not set into the foreground, obviously, neither should it dominate the feelings of the listener. Ellen Allien sketches a voyage that consists of a generous arrangement of tracks that allows space and room for the listener's own perception of the music and what he or she might add based on their own mood and experiences. 2007 was a special year for Allien, and also for electronic music "made in Europe" and so, that element resonates within the mix. Between poem producer AGF and Little Dragon is music that is fluid and malleable with club nights and daily wanderings in mind. The riveting cover-theme continues with photographer Axl Jansen's instant-action shot, which perfectly reflects Boogy Bytes Vol. 04: full of motion and emotional. Other artists include: Vera, Ricardo Villalobos & Patrick Ense, Melon, Andres Zacco & Lucas Mari, Seph, Konpi¨ta, Moessap, Sozadams, Richard Seeley, Lucio Aquilina, Melchior Productions, Friendly People, Damian Schwartz, Sascha Funke, Gaiser and Kassem Mosse.
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