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GazHeart 180g LP

With Gazheart, celebrated visual artist Rita Ackermann (voice) & the No Neck Blues Band's Dave Nuss (found percussion) created a playful spontaneous sound the seemingly bridged the gap between the broken pop sounds of certain strains of the no wave movement, sound poetry and catchy, otherworldly art folk using the barest of resources available to them. "The GazHeart recordings were made in August of 2004 after the disintegration of Angelblood at ATP in April. Rita and I traveled every August to Budapest to be with her family, who live in the hills outside the city in a small German village called Budaörs, created after WWII. The mise-en-scene of our life there was total village simplicity – grandma's cooking, dogs running the streets, babies with leaky diapers on big wheels, and gypsies hanging out in bars. We would go every Sunday morning to the gypsy market where the vendors would spread out a bunch of garbage on blankets in a parking lot, all the proprieters drunk by 10am on wine consumed from coke bottles. At the time of recording Rita had adopted the surrealist idea of automatic, unmediated writing direct from the unconscious, using spontaneous text to create songlike atmospheres, in the spirit of Tristan Tzara. For the percussion, I wound up keeping it simple and true to the environs: a bucket, a glass jar, a coffee can & a straw broom. All recordings were made to magnetic tape in the back yard late at night after the village was sleeping." - Dave Nuss One time pressing of this special edition 1 sided lp features an original etching by visual artist Rita Ackermann on the flip side.GazHeart is housed in a plain jacket with two opposing drawings for front & back by Ackermann reproduced on high quality archival paper stock.
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