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The 'Weird Terrain' compilation is a new cd featuring "sagacious silly electrolyte bathwater" or "a meteor shower" from some of the north easts trippiest personalities. 'Weird Terrain' features the bands So L'il, IFWHEN, Drifting In The Cinema, SOUNDPOOL, Aydin, i feel tractor , SCANDALABRA, and Panda Riot, [+ a special bonus track by Mango Moonpie featuring Honeychild Coleman]. The disc contains about 80 minutes worth of music, with each band contributing approximately ten minutes (three to two songs each). 'Weird Terrain' is not genre specific, but rather, (the music involved) shares a common thread of crossing the 'Weird Terrain' (quite literally a region on the planet Mercury. From Nasa: Weird terrain best describes this hilly, lineated region of Mercury. Scientists note that this area is at the antipodal point to the large Caloris basin. The shock wave produced by the Caloris impact may have been reflected and focused to the antipodal point, thus jumbling the crust and breaking it into a series of complex blocks. The area covered is about 800 km (497 mi) on a side. Weird Terrain Track Listing: 1. So L'il - Breeze Within 2. So L'il - Spank Me Slowly 3. So L'il - Lotus Flowers 4. Ifwhen - Only Faster 5. Ifwhen - Fantastic Maneuver 6. Drifting In The Cinema - K 7. Drifting In The Cinema - Radio Voices 8. Soundpool - Lush (What Becomes You) 9. Soundpool - Dream Sequence a. Weeping Willow Days b. Close My Eyes and Sleep c. ThePrecarious Peace d. Metamorphosis 10. Aydin - Travel Light 11. Aydin - Charming Devils 12. Aydin - Solar 13. i feel tractor - Human Ornithology 14. i feel tractor - Caught in Leagues 15. i feel tractor - Chuckin' Chitos 16. SCANDALABRA - Mary, Can't you Help Me? 17. SCANDALABRA - Christopher (he holds me close) 18. Panda Riot - She Dares All Things 19. Panda Riot - Olivia on the Downbeat 20. Mango Moonpie featuring Honeychild Coleman - Inside Trois
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