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Go! Team

Proof of Youth CD

If you're like us, you probably remember the first time you heard Brighton, England's The Go! Team. A fast and furious mix of 60's girl groups, 70's car chase television themes, 80's lady MC's and 90's guitar squalor, The Go! Team mashed every sound you already loved together into one hell of an aural treat. And, if you're still like us, then you immediately ran out to the record shop to buy The Go! Team's brilliant, critically-lauded debut album, Thunder, Lightning, Strike, which lit 2005 a-fire with its cheerleader anthems, syrup-y string samples and mad-like-a-Hatter horn arrangements. Indeed, 2005 belonged to six loveable kids from Brighton, England. With the release of their newest LP, Proof of Youth, 2007 and 2008 are bound to be theirs again. The album is another treble-heavy adventure in audio, set for release on September 11th, 2007. Proof of Youth was recorded by all six Go! Team members, resulting in a wider sound that is still unmistakably their own. Bombing melodies into the stone-age with its needlein-the-red, anti-production approach, Proof of Youth lurches from bubblegum pop to white noise in a heartbeat. And this time, it's not just the band they've invited some of their friends to the party, including hip-hop luminary Chuck D, the original Double Dutch Divas, Maryland's pint-sized Rapper's Delight Club, Marina from Bonde Do Role, Solex and Washington, DC's Frederick Douglas All Star Cheer Team.
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