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Unrecognizable Now

In A Cave Or A Coma CD

Reference Points: múm, lali puna, brian eno, the books, air, to rococo rot, tristeza, album leaf, boards of canada, fennesz, matmos, neu, tortoise, do make say think, bjork, aphex twin, dntel, languis. Overview: Unrecognizable Now is the duo of Marcus Fischer and Matthew Jones, two young men from North Portland who blend organic instruments and field recordings into an evolving collage of melodies and rhythms with their laptops. You may have seen or heard Marcus's work before: He has designed album covers for various bands on K Records out of Olympia, Washington; has handled live projections for Hovercraft (remember Eddie Vedder's ex-wife?); and has styled Adidas products for the past few years. You also may have seen him drumming in the Sleater Kinney side-project named Tommy, or one of many other Olympia bands. Unrecnow's live shows have hypnotized Portland residents with projected film paintings, layers of real-time xylophone, drums, guitar sinews, sine waves and glitches. Now you can enjoy this experience in your home. Enhanced CD also contains an ice-themed video directed by Rob Tyler. If you read Wire magazine, enjoy going to Cologne, or if you are a fan of music straddling post and electronic worlds, you will love in a cave or a coma.
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