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Es / Sami Sanpakiila

Early Filmworks 1996-2006 DVD

"As an artist, Sänpäkkilä is someone who transcends conventional boundaries: film, music and visual art each vie for his attention. In fact, these separate areas are integrated in his work to such an extent that he could with equal justification be considered a visual artist, a filmmaker or a musician. His experimental short films are most notably characterised by a certain suspension. For instance, Sänpäkkilä portrays repetitive jumps, trudging through snow or waking up repeatedly. This suspension is also present in the soundtracks to his works. The resulting entity is hypnotic, trance-inducing. It has been said that every trance is an attempt to solve a problem. This should be understood broadly: a 'problem' could be anything, positive or negative, that calls for a decision or a solution. For the artist, it could be a problem or a challenge related to his work, and whilst dealing with it he falls into a state of waking dream. The spectators, however, do not have to concern themselves with the artist's problems. Each of them has a trance of their own, a train of thought that produces the ideas, solutions or answers for which they are prepared and which are useful to them. A trance does have an intrinsic value, though. It is a creative state in the twilight zone between sleep and a waking state. Trance can also be described as movement, like the jumps in 91: 11-12 or the running in 'Surrealistin Kaksi Vasenta Kättä.' This movement can lead to the recuperation, as well as the regeneration, of the mind and the senses. While it may initially be less obvious, another prominent quality of Sänpäkkilä's art is spirituality." Region Free. PAL & NTSC (double sided for worldwide play).
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