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"Audio for this release is taken from the UK only Grass single. The title track of the single is a brilliant three-minute slice of feral, infectious pop, driven by pounding drums and yelping and hollering vocals. Two further tracks -- 'Must Be Treeman' and 'Fickle Cycle' are exclusive to this single. The former is a derailed slice of acid ambience -- all mushroomed, munchkin vocals and collapsing veils of treated electronics, while 'Fickle Cycle' -- a live favorite -- is another stunning rhythmic piece that perfectly complements 'Grass.' The DVD includes the 'Grass' video by superhate, 'Who Could Win A Rabbit?' video by Sung Tong's engineer Danny Perez, exclusive 'Fickle Cycle' video by Feels recording engineer Scott Colburn, and an exclusive six minute video and sound collage by Brian DeGraw of Gang Gang Dance."
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