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So Ghost? CD

This is Cologne-based musician Roman's second album on Karaoke Kalk. Created out of pure, genuine pathos, So Ghost? is great pop meeting great gesture, with enthusiastically-raised arms waving from every corner. This is a highly demanding Janus-head-like album that changes its face with every track. Concerning his sounds and arrangements, Roman turns out to be a true daredevil: female choirs, over-amplified basses, staked-out keyboards and fan's noises from the background contrast with professional a cappella interludes. And overlaying everything is this voice somewhere between Aztec Camera, Style Council and Jacques Brel. An acoustic guitar (slightly out of tune) meets plastic synthies and a bolting drum computer. Skillfully-arranged beautiful string themes butt heads with a Gameboy's buzzing noises. Genuine club-stompers shake hands with samba-esque romances. And despite all its pomp and glory, So Ghost? still preserves the DIY charm of the bedroom production. Designed to elicit lighter-waving, teddy bear-throwing and misty eyes.
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