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Heavily influenced by 1960s r'n'b and rock'n'roll, The Deadly Snakes have an in-depth knowledge of music from that golden era, yet cast off any notions of mere reproduction. The band released their first album, Love Undone, in 1999, followed by I'm Not Your Soldier Anymore in 2001 and the critically acclaimed Ode to Joy in 2003.
Confidence and genuine talent ooze from the grooves of Porcella and, despite an energetic and revamped sound, the group never strays far from its rock or soul roots. Guided by competent hands, toy pianos, mellotrons, organs, horns, strings and percussion are fashioned into good, new-fashioned rock'n'roll-- at times soft, thoughtful and heart-wrenchingly passionate, at times fast, furious and unquestionably fearless.
Porcella is one of those rare albums that has depth without bottom, no limits and certainly no place for conformity. Respecting the roots of the music they create and reflecting those elements in their own work results in a dazzling palimpsest effect. The unity of Porcella-- ripe, rapacious yet refined-- will convert you and then pervert you.
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