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Prefuse 73

Reads the Books CD

A collaboration made in indie heaven. The wunderkind of subterranean jeep beats, Prefuse 73 meets the electro-acoustic critic's darlings The Books for an MPC-punching, Banjo-destroying, head-nodding psych-hop. After reaching instant-classic status with their second album "The Lemon Of Pink", Massachussetts' The Books have managed to infuse their avant-folk with skewed electronic beats and devilishly tweaked samples. This, of course, puts them in a perfect place to go up against the master of tweaking and freaky beat making. Fresh off collaborations with Ghostface, Aesop Rock and Blonde Redhead on his latest album Surrounded By Silence, Prefuse 73 brings his patented trunk rattling digi-crunk to the table. Prefuse 73 Reads The Books continues the evolution of Scott Herren's Prefuse alias into the most versatile and visionary post-hip-hop producers in the world.
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