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Une Mange Orpheline is a creation based upon texts written and read (in French) by Aurélie Le Floch with a sound design by Sébastien Llinares. Minimal constructions of sound, created with organic materials, field recordings, and instruments, then manipulated electronically. Lovely and intriguing! 4 tracks, over 20 minutes, packaged in foldover cardstock, printed with lovely blues, greens and reds and a beautiful minimal design.
Occasionally a new label comes along that takes us by surprise, combining charming sensibilities with fantastic and interesting music - a welcome surprise in this day and age of an oversaturated market. The latest such label is Nowaki from France - a lovely label run by friendly folks, adorable/beautiful packaging, and a sound catalog of intimate music that has just charmed us to no end. Kudos, Nowaki!!
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