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Go Kart Mozart

Tearing Up the Album Charts CD

Go Kart Mozart represents just one of the creative outlets for Lawrence who spent the full decade of the '80s fronting the wide ranging, atmospheric guitar pop of Felt. In the '90s Lawrence made a somewhat iconoclastic move in forming Denim who have released three lps to date but their classic manifesto was outlined in 1992's 'Back In Denim' recently featured as Mojo magazine's Buried Treasure and described as "full of glam and pop hooks machined to perfection with the best in 1990's recording science". Denim's third album was called 'Novelty Rock' which provided the jumping off point for a new project called Go Kart Mozart. Taking the concept of novelty pop, serious artistry and childish fun to new heights, Lawrence released Go Kart's debut 'Instant Wigwam And Igloo Mixture' for his own West Midlands Label in the year 2000. Now, at last comes the second Go Kart Mozart release, 'Tearing Up The Album Chart', again released for West Midlands Records through Cherry Red. Where 'Instant Wigwam' used synth-pop and novelty, both whimsically and seriously - 'Hip-op' was about the Queen Mums hip operation while 'Um Bongo' commented on genocide in Rwanda - 'Tearing Up The Album Charts' is no less ironic but adopts a more overt serious tone combined with Lawrence's trade mark sadness and poignancy. There's something beyond nostalgia about the track 'Listening To Marmalade' - the group that is, not the sticky preservative, while 'Fuzzy Duck' is, by and large, a charming litany of '60s and '70s obscure band names taking in Bacon Fat, Plastic Penny and Ultimate Spinach. Lawrence is one of the most extraordinary talents to emerge from the '70s punk movement. He's made countless classic, sometimes perplexing records but has been dogged by ill luck and unfortunate timing that has seen admirers and luminaries such as Belle And Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch and Pulp's Jarvis Cocker become hugely successful with blueprints created by Lawrence while Lawrence seems destined to be the ultimate cult star.
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