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Dead Milkmen

Big Lizard in My Backyard CD

Ahh...the debut album that started The Dead Milkmen legacy. This was quite the prodigious release back in the day, and definitely not The Dead Milkmen that grew popular and made appearances on MTV years later. Instead of all their trademark keyboards, miscellaneous instruments, and extensive, drawn-out songs, Big Lizard In My Backyard focused on slovenly raw punk and highly offensive humor.
While Dave Blood does a notable job on bass and Dean Clean does a decent job on drums, the main complaint about this album is the fact that Joe Jack Talcum plays the guitar as though he has yet to discover his groove. None the less, this is a small price to pay as technical ability isn't the focal point. This whole album thrives on grit and repugnant black humor. Forget melody and complex structured songs...this is just plain fun from start to finish. Littered with classics, Big Lizard In My Backyard is highly recommended to those that dig their punk modestly simple and down right dirty.
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