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Issue #16 MAG+CD

Oren Ambarchi
Bill Burston interviews the founder of the Australian Noise Users' Society, who has made ultrarefined space-station scree with AMM's Keith Rowe, Sachiko M, Otomo Yoshihide, out-of-control spazzassins Phlegm, The Menstruation Sisters, Robbie Avenaim, et al. On the CD: Oren Ambarchi, "George"
Leif Elggren
Interview with Swedish electroacoustic musician, letter-writing prankster, dream theorist, national monarch of Elgaland-Vargaland, and conceptual artist whose work ranges from oblique performances to near-static installations. On the CD: Leif Elggren, "Soya"
Robert Dayton
Earl Kuck interviews one of Canada's most notorious extroverts (imagine Nardwuar as a real human being) about comics and diaries in the self-published Bunyon and his hilarious karaoke duo Canned Hamm. On the CD: Canned Hamm, "Teenagers are Growing Up" and July Fourth Toilet, "Noise Maker Pomposity"
Jason Kahn debunks onkyo, discusses his electronic duo with Toshi Nakamura, and early work with Arnold Dreyblatt, Universal Congress Of, and Sainkho Namtchylak. On the CD: Repeat, "Brussels 2"
Dylan Nyoukis interviews hyper-relaxed New Zealand expats Rosy Parlane and Dion Workman about their bi-continental "work" as psychotropic electronic musicians. On the CD: Dion Workman, "06.00," and Rosy Parlane, "Lodown"
Halim El-Dabh
Selected excerpts from Denise Seachrist's upcoming biography of the Egyptian-born composer whose pioneering musique concrete predates that of Pierre Schaeffer, and is also noteworthy for an unusual Native American musical influence. On the CD: Halim El-Dabh with Mike Hovancsek, "Three Time Frames"
Paul Winstanley
Another New Zealander interviewed by Dylan Nyoukis, about his time in Texas performing electroacoustic improv/noise with Dave Dove Paul Duo, crashing Lone Star bohemian enclaves, and cruising with Pauline Oliveros's mother. On the CD: JDP Trio, "2/21/95 #2" and "2/21/95 #16"
Lateral Agriculture Order
Overview of this mysterious acronym-damaged Italian organization, including discography, particulars about performances, roster of artists (eighty different ones!) and other inexplicable details. On the CD: tracks by Figlia Villana, Fernanda Craniotome Divortula, Magia Der Callaro, Monarch, Torpid, Lateral Agriculture Order, Jeans Scirri and S.A.A.R.O. featuring Head Tumulata
And the rest...
"Rose Marie to Block," fiction by Roger Pinell; reviews; found mail
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