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Issue #18 MAG+CD

# David Lester Mecca Normal guitarist's surreal, interdisciplinary comics that combine choreography, quasi-clip art, collage, painting, text and typography. On the CD: Mecca Normal, "War Between the Neighbors"
# Monotract Dylan Nyoukis gets schooled in Big Apple wisdom by this group of beach-blanket acidheads and New York City improv tour guides. On the CD: Monotract, "Fitty Bomb"
# Burning Star Core Autodidact C. Spencer Yeh tracks his development from adolescent pyromaniac to violin/electronics/voice iconoclast, with sidetrips as a writer of unreadable fiction, painter, documentarian, Cincinnati gallery brat, and live venue doyen. On the CD: Burning Star Core, "You Are Legend"
# Nelson Gastaldi Lost and overlooked Argentinean psychospatial composer found and restored by South America's premier avant sideshow barkers Reynols. Topics include pure sound, ethnomusicology, paranormal occurances. On the CD: Nelson Gastaldi, excerpt from Symphony No.3: o El Poder de la Nada
# Joe Colley Easily fixated Crawl Unit noise mumbler issues subdued proclamations on field recordings, arcane electronic gadgets, public invisibility, charalatans and quacks. On the CD: assorted excepts from Colley's Forensic Audio series
# Jim Leftwich Texts, images, collages and other hors de guerre by experimental writer, visual poet, xtant editor and Juxta publisher. On the CD: Jim Leftwich, "Ouzo and Kudzu Are Dead"
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