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Dean Roberts

And the Black Moths Play the Grand Cinema CD

"A re-release of the long deleted Ritornell CD from 2000, many fans and critics regard New Zealander Dean Roberts' second solo album And the Black Moths Play the Grand Cinema as his best so far. This re-issue comes with complete new artwork and is available on vinyl for the first time. Guest musicians include Tim Barnes, Charles Curtis and Matt Valentine." "And the Black Moths Play the Grand Cinema is a tremendous achievement. Everything fits. It's less of an attempt to blend genres -- post-rock, prepared-guitar improv, glitchadelica -- than a demonstration of how; for the truly imaginative, genres remain utterly meaningless. Roberts has always had a fine ear for sonic exploration, but Moths sees him on peak form. Even when he leaves the instruments to drone, their individual character and juxtaposition as interesting as the appealing density of their combined harmonics. On this album, the overall essence is truly far more than the sum of its parts." (Brian Duguid, The Wire).
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