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The APPLES IN STEREO's Robert Schneider, John Ferguson and Ben Fulton of BIG FRESH, and HAIR POLICE's Robert Beatty delve into bleak pop: primitive, droney and brutally honest. 010 is something of a musical epiphany -- a musically and emotionally direct record that thrives on dissolution, change, loss, and noise, from an artist better known for his joyful disposition and sun-drenched melodies and harmonies. There is personal stuff here that delves far deeper than the Apples in Stereo have ever cared to go, and though the lyrics may be oblique, the feeling is tangible -- from the wish to see a former lover happy ("Push You Away"), to the desire to escape ("The Falcon"). There are also new sounds and influences -- from the shambling indie rock of classic Pavement on "Burning You" to the new New Wave of "Television" to the raw Velvet Underground and Spaceman 3 vibe that pervades throughout.
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