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Punk Planet

Issue #64: November/December 2004 MAG

Punk Planet rounds out the year with a funny, intimate, and unique conversation with SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE'S FRED ARMISEN. In this rare, sprawling long-form interview, Armisen sits down with Punk Planet's Trevor Kelley to talk about growing up punk, a life of dead-end touring, and his accidental carreer in comedy. It's an unexpected feature for Punk Planet, and easily one of the best portraits of an artist in his prime the magazine has printed all year. PP64 also features a number of other high-profile interviews including an interview with TAKING BACK SUNDAY singer Adam Lazzara about the "is emo sexist" question, as well as a look at the band's stratospheric rise among the mall punk crowd. On the opposite end of the spectrum is a great talk with DC stalwart J ROBBINS' new band THE CHANNELS-a great look at a storied carreer started anew. Also interviewed in PP64: I AM THE WORLD TRADE CENTER, THE REPUTATION, the 23FIVE arts collective, and comic artist ANDERS NIELSEN. Articles in PP64 include a look at the RESURGENCE OF OUTING AS A POLITICAL ACT in the gay community; the PLIGHT OF A KURDISH REFUGEE IN THE WAR ON TERROR; a portrait of a SEX WORKERS' COLLABORATIVE IN INDIA; and a unique tour diary/photo essay from Q & NOT U's RECENT TOUR OF SOUTH AFRICA. All this, plus tons of reviews, columns, DIY, and much more.
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