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Nagisa Ni te

The Same as a Flower CD

Nagisa Ni te (aka Shinji Shibayama and Masako Takeda) are back. Their new record The Same As A Flower, recorded between 2002 and the beginning of this year, is the third to be released by Jagjaguwar. Much like on previous records, the songs on the new record by this Osaka, Japan-based group are about nature, about the singularity of two people immersed in nature together, and about experiencing life as ³being², not ³becoming² or ³recovering from². And like their previous full-length record, Feel, The Same As A Flower still brings to mind the very best of sixties¹ and seventies¹ psychedelic, progressive and folk rock (i.e. middle-era Roy Harper, Pink Floyd, 13th Foor Elevators and early Neil Young). Maher Shalal Hash Baz¹s Tori Kudo may describe Nagisa Ni te best when he says: ³Nagisa Ni te¹s naked Progressive rock-based worldly songs, which are sung not so much deliberately as seriously, on their love beach, now fill a blank somewhere between underground hi-fi and overground lo-fi.² Also of note, Dominquie Leone of Pitchfork wrote: ³Well before mystic folk became fodder for VW commercials, Shibayama was conjuring up the spirits of Tim Buckley and Tim Hardin to the delight of the Japanese psychedelic scene.²
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