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Rogue Wave

Out of the Shadow CD

Out of the Shadow, the band's stunning debut, was originally released in a limited quantity on the band's own Responsive Recordings label in early 2003 and the record has been re-mastered for this 2004 re-release. Formed from the seeds sown at Zach Rogue's original New York session, Out of the Shadow is a gentle, undeniable charmer full of the naturally timeless sophistication and fierce, penetrating hooks that define a classic album. Rogue Wave's climactic payoffs aren't what this band is solely about, though. Live (and, no doubt on future recordings), Zach Rogue's aberrant pop is realized together with Pat, Sonya and Gram with exacting precision and infectious enthusiasm that is as subtle and fluid as it is insistent. As a unit, the band's preternatural ability to effortlessly highlight the finer points—spectral layers of delicately placed pedal steel, understated moog and upright bass—makes their moving arrangements all the more enchanting.
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