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Go Team

Junior Kickstart CD

The Go! Team are a hive of sonic chancers, equally divided between the sexes and slamming scratching next to banjos, speak and spell next to glockenspiel . Hailing from Brighton, the Team have cut and pasted a few finished ideas together into this, their debut single Junior Kickstart. Quite aptly they take their name from that given to the guys whose job it is to survey the wreckage of a plane crash, although somehow doubt that they would be this good at salvaging a tune from a twisted mangle of samples. How to describe this approach to music then? "Lo-fi block parties, Sonic Youth playing the Jackson 5, DIY car chase music, distorting to tape, red limiting the levels. Putting the disco into dischordant" ....says a Team rep. We really couldn't put it any better without playing you a snippet, so you'll just have to take our word for granted. For instance, try and get your poor human mind around Junior Kickstart, where old school samples skid against horns that spin around your cerebellum with the handbrake on until your ears pour smoke. Feel Good By Numbers does exactly that, a sweet piano motif like Charlie Brown's Linus gone mad, looping in on itself joyously in a circle of sunshine. We Listen Every Day attempts to encapsulate "the last ten seconds of Wichita Lineman. . . about where you are and where you want to be" in a lo-fi landslide of sentiment. The three track single comprises of the following numbers: 1. Junior Kickstart 2. Feel Good By Numbers 3. We Listen Every Day ...cue endless listens trying to pick out just what the hell is going on. But that's not all. Says our Go! spokesperson, "this EP is only a slice of what the Go! Team is going for".
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