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Kitten Time CD

" of the fresher indie-pop personae of recent years..." -CMJ In four short years, Anna Padgett, aka the Naysayer, has released two critically acclaimed full length albums and one hard-to-miss e.p., marking her as a prolific and ever-evolving songwriter. For Deathwhisker (2000) and Heaven, Hell or Houston (2002), Padgett joined forces with Cynthia Nelson (Retsin, Ruby Falls) and Tara Jane O'Neil (King Cobra, Retsin, Rodan) to create two albums that deftly showcased her unique lyrical style. Rollicking pop songs combined with minimalist ballads to tell Padgett's stories in a concise, harrowing, and sometimes absurd voice. The Naysayer's most recent e.p, Pure Beauty (2003), was decidedly countrified, with pedal steel, tragic narratives, a Terry Allen cover and a title track dedicated to her boyfriend's manhood. Critics applauded, while fans wondered what the hell Padgett was going to do next. This summer, Red Panda Records is proud to release The Naysayer's most heartbreaking narrative and evocative album to date: Kitten Time. Kitten Time is hauntingly spare, like a Leonard Cohen album sprinkled with Syd Barrett fairy dust. It is also expressive and forceful, with bright bursts of psychedelic grandeur. As always Padgett's songs are lyric-driven, and showcase a startlingly straightforward and vivid descriptive style. There are ships to jump from, fires to put out, good people, weird people and personified shrimp. There are phones that ring and ring, a champagne Jesus to pray to and a reinvented Christmas carol. You'll visit Amarillo, Bora Bora, Louisiana and suburban New Jersey. You'll follow the Kitten Time kitten through the deepest of Naysayer dumps to emerge at a hard-won, surprisingly happy ending. Recorded in NYC by James Baluyut (+/-, Versus), Kitten Time features guest appearances by Padgett's revolving group of collaborators: Karla Schickele (Ida, k.), Geoff Soule (Fuck) Miggy Littleton (White Magic, Blood on the Wall, ex-Ida), Elizabeth Venable, Kendall Meade (Mascott, Sparklehorse) and Rainy Orteca (Mascott, Jonaspolicewoman). It's Kitten Time!
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