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Issue #3 MAG

Repellent is pleased to announce the release of Repellent Issue #3: The Heraldic Pomp Issue. The new issue focuses on the theme of Heraldic Pomp, a term that points to artists' exploration and flirtation with traditional visual symbols of formalism via coat of arms, insignia and other traditional European motifs. The samples in the 'zine prove that the old school, is "oh so fresh!" and, naturally, a worthy pit-stop on the way to the future. This theme is translated in the issue via photography, graphic art/illustration and fashion. In addition, it features in-depth interviews with Raf Simmons, the founders of Mutek Festival, State of Sabotage and others, including essays that explore heraldic symbolism then and now; plus 50 reviews of records by the tune-filled and tone-deaf; profiles of some of the more forward thinking labels, investigations into VJ culture, and some things words can't yet describe. As always, Repellent has scoured the globe in order to shine a light on some of the more brilliant artists, musicians, producers, and culture makers out there.
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