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The Unicorns 2014 CD

A brand new EP, with brand new songs that follow up nicely the insta-blow-up-hit debut full-length album. THE UNICORNS give you the best of quirky, fucked up, frail, fantastic, and goddamned intimate pop music! With a sound both silly and sentimental, THE UNICORNS could be Canada's answer to THE FLAMING LIPS. Here the magical young lads with horns give listeners a few more shots at what they love and crave. CDEP version of this release contains two new tracks not available on the 7", including an outtake from the W.W.C.O.H. sessions and a demo of "Unicorns:2014". Extensive touring throughout 2004, full national press and radio via AAM (radio) and Solid PR (print, online) and posters and in-store play copies available upon request.
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