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Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick

No Freeway No Plan No Trees No Ghosts CD

For their second full-length release, Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick go well beyond their original sparse remit and provide the listener with an exquisitely detailed and textured canvas to project their dreams onto. A wider range of instruments has been used to flesh out sonic ideas, and they've moved to a more layered studio sound. Despite this more consciously crafted approach, the predominant mood is airy and spacious, with the dynamic of the recording process giving each instrument full weight. The light and jazzy vibe of the opening "This is the season for rest, she said" is reversed on itself for the quiet guitar fire and enigmatic vocals of "Counterclockwise" and we think that the distance the band has traveled from its debut is evident from these opening tracks alone. Elsewhere, the beautiful structures and nuanced playing match the poetry of titles like "Intimacy is Jazz, Disturbance is Art", "Brothers Fallen near Allen" and "Hearts and Minds Out of Tune and Reversed". It all adds up to a work of great beauty and resonance. For lovers of Mogwai, Tortoise, Do Make Say Think. "Atmospheric & emotional soundtrack music, alternately dramatic or lulling." -Dream Mag
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