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Issue #17 MAG+CD

Jason McLean - Canadian cartoonist and Bananafish #17 cover artist talks with Robert Dayton about his hallucinatory style and techniques, and the effect on his work of education, interior decoration, comics, Fluxus and other abstruse art movements, and mental illness. On the CD: All-Star Schnauzer Band "No Onkyo" Hetty Maclise - The first of a two-part interview with Angus's wife and collaborator, who recounts how they met, her art editorship at The Oracle in the '60s, homeopathic uses of LSD, and her life as an artist in Spain, Morocco, Mexico, San Francisco, and New York. Part two will deal with the Kathmandu years. On the CD: Universal Mutant Repertory Company "Ira's Theater (NYC)" Lara Allen - The exploits of a high school bad girl and the deprogramming subsequently inflicted upon her, problematic theatrical experiences, her series of consistently eerie paintings of old family photos, acting, and filmmaking. On the CD: The Ragtime Germs "I'm Gonna Kill Myself" (audio) and Allen's The Nightshade Family animation (MPEG) Jazzkammer - Lasse Marhaug chats with David Cotner about mainstream Hollywood flicks, cult films, the Nordic singles scene (both 45s and dating), Norwegian culture, Viking blood, and communication through music and abstract sound with John Hegre, Tore Bøe, Del, and Origami Republika. On the CD: Jazzkammer "Take Me Off Yr Mailing List" Astro - Hiroshi Hasegawa instructs Dylan Nyoukis in the ways of reaching "final paradise" and achieving "freedom from everything" via Moog synthesizer, field recordings and computers. He also discusses soundtrack work, collaborations with a who's who of Japanese space noise huffers, and the shocking truth about C.C.C.C. On the CD: Astro "Inamura Beach" The Towne Dandies - Geoff Ellsworth's homemade, props-heavy musical theater, the history of the band, paying the rent (which can involve processing ham), life under a microscope in a small town, and fledging jingle-writing venture Barefoot Hockey Goalie. On the CD: Towne Dandies "Underpants Road" (audio) and "Welcome Wranglers" (MPEG) Paul Dutton - Canadian soundsinger and author talks about his work with '70s sound poets The Four Horsemen and free improv trio CCMC, literary efforts and visual poems, the nature of expression through sound, and various giants in the gibberish tradition, from Schwitters and the dadaists through Bob Cobbing. On the CD: Paul Dutton "Two Due" and "May Dues," Paul Dutton, Jaap Blonk, Koichi Makigami, Phil Minton, and David Moss "Esprit d'Encore" Fake Party - Carla Bozulich's Sound.-produced event at the Schindler House, self-described as "new music dressed up like a party meets a social event disguised as art," reimagined as comics. On the CD: "Fake Fake Excerpt" And the usuals... Reviews by Alesandro Moreschi III, Roland Woodbe, Stanley Zappa, Fred Rinne, and S. Glass; a letter from the publisher, found mail, guest editorial All tracks on CD are exclusive and directly related to the content of the magazine.
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