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Band Title Label Price
Faine Jade Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital CD Radioactive$9.99
faith kleppinger asleep in the well USED cd two sheds$0.99
Fernando Gelbard Didi LP What Music$8.99
Fischerspooner Odyssey LTD CD Capitol$9.99
Fischerspooner Odyssey CD Capitol$9.99
Flaming Lips The Terror 2xLP Warner Brothers$24.98
Flare Circa + Reissue CD Mother West$10.99
Flipover Stylus Ready to Use CD Flippant$0.99
Floor Free Range CD Supermodern$0.99
Floraline s/t CD Minty Fresh$0.99
Flowchart Multi-Personality Tabletop Vacation CD Carrot Top$9.99
fluffy 5 live USED cd the enclave$0.99
Frank Jordan Milk the Thrills CD Devil in the Woods$5.99
Franklin Bruno Kiss Without Makeup CD Absolutely Kosher$5.99
Franz Ferdinand You Could Have It So Much Better CD Epic$8.49
Friends Forever Killball LP Load$5.99
Fuxamp3 Modified Mechanics of This Device CD Antenna$6.99
Gang Gang Dance Rawwar EP 12" Social Registry$10.98
Getaway Cruiser Instrumentals EP CD Mind Expansion$3.99
Glee Club s/t 12" Semblance$0.99
Go! Team / Go Team Thunder Lightning Strike CD Memphis Industries$13.99
Godzuki Trail of the Lonesome Pine CD March$9.99
Golden Republic s/t LP Astralwerks$8.99
Goon Moon I Got A Brand New Egg Layin' Machine CD Suicide Squeeze$8.99
Gossip Undead in NYC CD Dim Mak$5.99
Grafiti What Is The Problem 12" Dim Mak$1.99
Great Depression Preaching To The Fire CD Fire$7.49
Hammockmp3 Stranded Under Endless Sky 12" Republic of Texas$5.99
Harpswell Sound Skylight CD Skycap / Peapod$9.99
Hartfield True Color True Lie JAPANESE VERSION CD Vinyl Junkie$9.99
Hartfield L.I.B.R.A. CD Vinyl Junkie$8.99
Heavenly States Black Comet CD Baria$5.99
heavy trash s/t USED cd yep roc$0.99
hecate's angels hidden persuader USED cd birdcage$0.99
Heliconiamp3 Glad You Were Born CD Isolation$8.99
heroic doses s/t CD (USED) Sub Pop$0.99
Hint Hint Young Days CD Suicide Squeeze$7.99
hint hint young days USED cd suicide squeeze$0.99
Holy Sons I Want to Live a Peaceful Life CD Film Guerrero$6.49
holy sons i want to live a peaceful life USED cd film gurrero$3.25
Hopen Nailing Shadows CD-R Arbouse$6.99
Hushdrops Volume 1 CD Subspace$7.99
I Am the World Trade Center Cover Up CD Gammon$9.99
I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy Funnier Than God CD Dark Lord Records$8.29
Innerstance Beatbox All Little Boys Do Silly Little Dances CD Wobblyhead$6.49
Innerstance Beatbox Your Eyes Are Like UFOs My darling CD Consumer's Research and Development$9.99
Innerstance Beatbox All Little Boys... LP Wobblyhead$5.99
Insomniacs Switched On LP Estrus$10.99
Intima No Lullaby for Sleep CDEP Zum$4.09
Intima, The Peril and Panic LP Zum$5.99
Invisibl Skratch Piklz vs. Da Clamz uv Deth 12" Asphodel$5.99
J Dilla The Shining 2xLP BBE$29.98
J Foundation, The / Kluster B split 7" Bearos$0.99
j-zone a job ain't nuthin but work USED cd fat beats$0.99
Jel Wmd / All Around 12" Anticon$5.99
John Coltrane & Kenny Burrell Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane LP New Jazz$15.98
Jolie Holland Springtime Can Kill You CD Anti$11.99
Jonathan Seet Arousal Disasters CD Aporia$8.49
Jukeboxer In the Foodchain CD Absolutely Kosher$9.69
Kanda All the Good Meetings are Taken CD Bop Tart$9.99
Kawabata Makoto Jellyfish Rising CD Fuenfundvierzig$11.99
Khan No Comprendo CD Matador$8.99
Kiddo s/t CD Drive-In$8.49
Kills Midnight Boom CD Domino$6.49
King Cobra s/t 12" Troubleman$5.99
King Cobra s/t CD Troubleman$5.99
Kitchen Cinq, The When The Rainbow Disappears : An Anthology 1965-68 2xLP Light In The Attic$11.98
Koushik Madvillain Remix EP 12" Stones Throw$9.99
Langtry As Upon the Road Thereto CD Soft Abuse$9.99
Large Pro Beginning 12" Paul Sea$6.99
Lawn, The What Is The Sound Of The Lawn? CD Justice My Eye / Elevated Loin$0.99
Lazarus Clamp Left Handed 7" Bearos$0.99
Lem Put a Lem in Your Pocket CD cassettevision$14.99
Leslies Dear Friend CDEP Labrador$6.99
Lewis and Clark Bright Light CD Sun Sea Sky$4.99
Light FM This is the Beginning of My Golden Years CD Electro Battle$6.99
Like Young Art Contest CD Parasol$9.60
Lilys Everything Wrong Is Imaginary CD Manifesto$9.99
Lisa Dewey Busk CD Bella Union$5.99
Lisa Dewey and the Lotus Life Mellow Day CD Bella Union$3.99
Lockgroove Calm Right Down CD Sharkattack$9.99
Lone Pigeon Concubine Rice CD Domino$6.99
Losing Today Issue No. 5 MAG+CD Losing Today$5.99
Loud Upbeat Sadness CDEP Autoreverse$5.94
Love Is All A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night CD What's Your Rupture$6.49
Love Is All A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night LP What's Your Rupture$11.99
Lu Share the Load CD textilesounds$8.49
Lu s/t 12" Textile Sounds$5.99
Lu s/t CD pulCec$8.99
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