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Band Title Label Price
Conor Oberstmp3 Conor Obsert CD Merge$13.99
Creep Sleepmp3 Interviews CD Del-Tones$3.99
Crybabymp3 No Means Yes CDEP Two Sheds$7.99
Curiummp3 Nowever CD Dynamophone$15.99
Currentsmp3 First New Tomorrow CD Airwaves$12.99
Dale Berningmp3 The Horse and Camel Stories CD Flau$14.99
Damien Juradomp3 Caught In Trees CD Secretly Canadian$11.99
Damo Suzuki's Networkmp3 Fall of Fire Bird 7" mpls ltd$4.99
Daniel Martin Mooremp3 Stray Age CD Sub Pop$12.99
David Grubbsmp3 An Optimist Notes the Dusk LP Drag City$14.99
David Grubbsmp3 An Optimist Notes the Dusk CD Drag City$13.99
Daysleepersmp3 Drowned in a Sea of Sound Black Vinyl LP Clairecords$14.98
Daysleepersmp3 Drowned in a Sea of Sound White Vinyl LP Clairecords$16.98
Daysleepersmp3 Hide Your Eyes EP BLACK VINYL 12" Clairecords$11.98
Daysleepersmp3 Hide Your Eyes EP WHITE VINYL 12" Clairecords$14.98
Daysleepersmp3 The Soft Attack EP CD Raindelay Music$9.98
Daysleepersmp3 Drowned In A Sea of Sound CD Clairecords$12.00
Dead End Armorymp3 Hope You're Good CD Peapod$9.99
Dead Leaf Echomp3 Truth CD 2&1$11.99
Declining Wintermp3 Goodbye Minnesota CD Rusted Rail$15.99
Decorationmp3 Don't Disappoint Us Now CD Entangled Records$9.99
Deerhoofmp3 Offend Maggie CD Kill Rock Stars$12.99
Deerhoofmp3 Offend Maggie LP Polyvinyl$17.98
Designer Babiesmp3 Baghdad Boogie 7" Gringo$3.99
destroyalldreamersmp3 Glare / Halo EP BLACK VINYL 180g 12" Claire's Echo$9.99
destroyalldreamersmp3 Glare / Halo EP RED VINYL 180g 12" Claire's Echo$11.99
Devendra Banhartmp3 Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon JEWEL CASE CD XL$11.99
Devendra Banhartmp3 Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon LIMITED EDITION CD XL$13.99
Distant Secondsmp3 Spectral Evidence CD Distant Seconds$11.99
Doggymp3 des stars dans tous les bus CD Anorak$15.99
Donkeysmp3 Living On The Other Side CD Dead Oceans$11.99
Drawbacksmp3 Slightly Less Vague CD Chocolate Hearts$7.99
Dreadful Yawnsmp3 Rest CD Exit Stencil$10.99
Dreamtigermp3 Glisten CD PurrFactory$8.99
Dredd Foolemp3 Kissing The Contemporary Bliss 2xCD Family Vineyard$13.99
Duchess of Saigonmp3 s/t aka Hootenany 7" Plastic Idol$3.99
DulceSkymp3 Media-Luna / Half-Moon EP CD Eden's Watchtower$6.99
Dulceskymp3 Unfamiliar EP CD Nueve Music$6.99
Dykehousemp3 Midrange CD Ghostly International$13.99
Earworm / Bridge Clubmp3 Mpls Ltd Super Split Single #4 7" mpls ltd$4.99
Ebb and Flowmp3 Time to Echolocate CD Three Ring Records$10.50
Edison Woodsmp3 Nest Of Machines CD Habit of Creation$14.99
Edison Woodsmp3 s/t CD Endearing$11.99
Electro Groupmp3 Good Technology CD Clairecords$11.99
Electro Group / St. Avalanchemp3 split 7" Clairecords$3.99
Electronic Barnacle Islandmp3 Deeply Faulted Area Resembling an Upright Deck of Cards CD Kira Kira Disc$9.99
Elias Krantzmp3 Island Rock CD Airwaves$16.99
Elikamp3 Always the Light CD Saint Marie$12.99
Elikamp3 Always the Light 180g LP Saint Marie$23.99
Emvelope Ninemp3 Melt Canal CD Split Femur$15.99
Faith Kleppingermp3 Asleep in the Well CD Two Sheds$12.99
Faun Fablesmp3 A Table Forgotten CDEP Drag City$10.99
Fiery Furnacesmp3 Remember LIMITED 2xCD Thrill Jockey$15.99
Finian McKeanmp3 Shades Are Drawn CD And Each For Only$8.99
First Communion Afterpartymp3 Sorry For All the Mondays and To Those Who Can't Sing CD mpls ltd$9.99
FM Knivesmp3 Useless and Modern CD Broken Rekkids$11.99
FM Knivesmp3 Useless and Modern LP Broken Rekids$9.99
For Againstmp3 Shade Side, Sunny Side CD Words On Music$11.99
For Againstmp3 In the Marshes CD Words On Music$11.99
Freeschamp3 What's Come Inside of You CD Attacknine$12.99
Frenchmenmp3 Sorry We Ruined Your Party CD Clairecords$11.00
Furia de Buzo Ciegomp3 Furia de Buzo Ciego CD El Cartero Valiente$9.99
Fuxamp3 Modified Mechanics of This Device CD Antenna$6.99
Gareth S. Brownmp3 The Gallows / Royal College O' Surgeons 2xCD Misplaced Music$19.99
Gareth S. Brownmp3 Iron Henry CD Misplaced Music$15.99
Geskiamp3 Silent 77 CD Flau$14.99
Ghost in the Watermp3 Tooth CD Hidden Shoal$11.99
Girlboy Girlmp3 Forget the Ladder, Climb the Wall CD Kittridge$9.60
Glissademp3 Further CD Glissade$6.99
Golden Bearmp3 Golden Bear CD C-Side$10.99
Golden Bearmp3 To The Farthest Star CD C-Side$11.99
Grand Unified Theorymp3 s/t CD Undetected Plagiarism$9.60
Growingmp3 All The Way LP Social Registry$11.99
Guild Leaguemp3 Private Transport CD Matinee$11.99
Guitarmp3 Sunkissed LP Morr Music$17.98
Guitarmp3 Sunkissed CD Morr Music$11.99
Guitarmp3 Saltykisses CD Clairecords$12.00
Halcyon Highmp3 To Be Infinite CD Vibraphone$7.99
Haloump3 Sawtooth EP CD Halou$7.99
Haloump3 Wholeness and Separation CD Dynamophone$14.99
Hammockmp3 Stranded Under Endless Sky 12" Republic of Texas$5.99
Harold Budd | Clive Wrightmp3 A Song For Lost Blossoms CD Darla$12.99
Harper Leemp3 Train Not Stopping CDEP Matinee$5.99
Harrismp3 New Morning Pulse CD Urinine$6.50
Helena Espvall and Masaki Batohmp3 Helena Espvall and Masaki Batoh LP Drag City$16.99
Helena Espvall and Masaki Batohmp3 Helena Espvall and Masaki Batoh CD Drag City$12.99
Heliconiamp3 Glad You Were Born CD Isolation$8.99
Hepburnsmp3 How the Fallen are Mighty LP Radio Khartoum$12.99
Heroes of Switzerlandmp3 Comfort in Fear CD Music to Bleed To$12.99
History of Colour TV, Themp3 Emerald Cures Chic Ills CD Saint Marie$13.99
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