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Band Title Label Price
Super Furry Animals Love Kraft CD XL$12.99
Super Furry Animals Phantom Power DVD XL$15.50
Super Furry Animals Rings Around the World CD Beggars Banquet$12.99
Super Furry Animals Phantom Phorce 2xCD Beggars$14.99
Super Furry Animals Phantom Power CD Beggars Banquet$12.99
Super Furry Animals MWNG LP Domino$20.98
Super Love Attack This Up Here CD Right Place Records$11.99
Super Reverb Avant Garde Is The French Word For Shit CD Earsugar$14.99
Super XX Man Volume IV CD Peek a Boo$12.99
Super XX Man Volume VI: Collection Rocks CD Lelp$10.99
Super XX Man Volume VII, My Usual Way CD Lelp$10.99
Superchunk Cup of Sand 2xCD Merge$14.99
Superchunk Here's Where The Strings Come In LP Merge$19.98
Superchunk I Hate Music LP Merge$17.98
Superchunk Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91) LP Merge$19.98
Superchunk Come Pick Me Up LP Merge$27.98
Superchunk Cup of Sand LP Merge Records$31.98
Superchunk On the Mouth 180g LP Merge$19.98
Superchunk No Pocky for Kitty 180g LP Merge$19.98
Superchunk Foolish 180g LP Merge$19.98
Superdrag Changin' Tires On The Road To Ruin CD Arena Rock$13.99
superfallingstars Swimming Across the Sound CD Skipping Stones$11.20
Superfine Dandelion Superfine Dandelion 180g LP Mainstream$12.98
Superfine Dandelion The Superfine Dandelion LP - Color Mainstream$11.98
Supergrass Supergrass is 10 CD EMI$16.99
Supergrass Road To Rouen CD Capitol$17.99
supergrass i should coco USED CD capitol$6.99
Superhopper Does This Sound Exciting Yet? CD Guilt Ridden Pop$9.99
Supersilent 8 CD Rune Grammofon$15.99
supersuckers we've come to rock the house USED cd mid-fi$6.99
Supersystem Born Into the World 12" Touch & Go$4.50
Supersystem Always Never Again CD Touch and Go$13.99
supersystem always never again USED cd touch and go$6.99
Supersystem Always Never Again LP Touch & Go$13.99
supreme beings of leisure s/t USED cd palm pictures$7.99
Supreme Jubilees It'll All Be Over LP Light In The Attic$24.98
supremes more hits by the supremes USED LP motown$1.99
Supremes, The Buttered Popcorn 7" Third Man$5.98
Sure Fire Soul Ensemble Out on the Coast LP Colemine$20.98
Sure Fire Soul Ensemble Out on the Coast CASS Colemine$6.98
Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, The The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble LP Colemine$16.98
Surf City Surf City CDEP Morr$14.99
Surf Teens Surf Mania LP Dionysus$15.98
Surf, The Sundried s/t CD Attack9$12.99
Surface of Eceyon Tussyan Ruins CD Three Lobed$9.99
Surfer Blood 1000 Palms LP Joyful Noise$14.98
Surfer Blood Demon Dance 7" Warner Bros.$6.98
Surfer Blood Astro Coast CD Kanine$11.99
Surfer Blood Tarot Classics EP CD Kanine$5.99
Surfer Blood Floating Vibes 7" Kanine$4.99
Surfer Blood Tarot Classics EP LP Kanine$11.98
Surfer Blood Astro Coast LP Kanine$14.98
Surfer Blood Pythons LP+CD Warner Bros./Kanine$18.98
Surgeon From Farthest Known Objects LP Dynamic Tension$26.98
Survival Knife Loose Power LP Fat Possum$13.98
Survival Knife Traces of Me 7" Sub Pop$5.98
Survive (S U R V I V E) Survive LP Holodek$21.98
Survive (S U R V I V E) MF064 12" Monofonus Press$20.98
Survive (S U R V I V E) Survive Cass Holodek$10.98
Survive (S U R V I V E) RR7349 LP Relapse$21.98
Susanna Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos CD Rune Grammofon$15.99
Susanna Flower of Evil 2xLP Rune Grammofon$26.99
Susanna Flower of Evil CD Rune Grammofon$16.99
Susanna And The Magical Orchestra Lists of Lights and Buoys CD Rune Grammofon$15.99
sushirobo the light-fingered feeling USED cd pattern records$7.99
Susumu Yokota Will 2xLP Leaf$16.99
Susumu Yokota Grinning Cat CD Leaf$12.99
Susumu Yokota Skintone Collection CD Lo$13.99
Susumu Yokota Lo Compilation 2xCD Lo Recordings$13.99
Susumu Yokota Wonder Waltz CD Lo Recordings$13.99
Susumu Yokota Symbol CD Lo Recordings$13.99
Susumu Yokota Mother CD Lo$14.99
Susumu Yokota Kaleidoscope CD Lo$13.99
Susumu Yokota Love Or Die CD Lo$13.99
Susumu Yokota & Rothko Distant Sounds of Summer CD Lo$13.99
Sutekh Two Vireos 12" Soul Jazz$9.99
Sutekh Fell CD Orthlorng Musork$12.99
Suuns Zeroes QC LP Secretly Canadian$13.98
Suuns Hold/Still LP Secretly Canadian$15.98
Suuns Images du Futur LP Secretly Canadian$15.98
Suuns and Jerusalem In My Heart Suuns and Jerusalem In My Heart lP Secretly Canadian$14.98
Suzi Quatro Suzi... and Other Four-Letter Words LP Rak$4.99
Svarte Greiner Depardieu 7" Type$6.99
Svarte Greiner Kappe LP Type$49.99
Svarte Greiner Kappe CD Type$14.99
Svarte Greiner & Anduin Black River 7" SMTG Limited$6.99
Sven Libaek The Set LP Votary Disk$22.98
Sven Libaek Nature Walk LP Votary Disk/Roundtable/Dual Planet$22.98
Swagger Jack The Feral Blood of Swagger Jack CD Last Visible Dog$11.99
Swami John Reis & The Blind Shake Modern Surf Classics LP Swami$16.98
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