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Band Title Label Price
Sonic Chicken 4 Sonic Chicken 4 LP+CD In the Red$12.99
Sonic Love Affair s/t 2x7" Dollar Record Records$6.99
Sonic Love Affair SLA CD Dollar Record$10.99
sonic mook experiment hot shit USED cd mute records$6.99
sonic mook experiment hot shit v/a USED cd mute$6.99
Sonic Youth Confusion is Sex CD DGC$9.99
Sonic Youth Murray Street LP Goofin$18.98
Sonic Youth A Thousand Leaves 2xLP Goofin'$21.98
Sonic Youth NYC Ghosts and Flowers CD DGC$9.99
Sonic Youth Corporate Ghost DVD Geffen$15.99
Sonic Youth Sonic Nurse CD DGC$14.99
Sonic Youth Murray Street CD DGC$9.99
Sonic Youth Washing Machine CD DGC$9.99
Sonic Youth A Thousand Leaves CD DGC$9.99
Sonic Youth Screaming Fields of Sonic Love CD DGC$9.99
Sonic Youth Dirty DELUXE EDITION 2xCD Geffen$29.99
Sonic Youth Evol CD DGC$9.99
Sonic Youth Dirty BOX SET 4xLP Goofin$48.98
Sonic Youth Sonic Youth 2xLP Goofin$25.98
Sonic Youth Rather Ripped LP Goofin$19.98
Sonic Youth Rather Ripped CD DGC$15.99
Sonic Youth Sonic Youth CD DGC$9.99
Sonic Youth Daydream Nation 4xLP BOX SET` Goofin'$47.98
sonic youth screaming fields of sonic love USED cd dgc$7.99
sonic youth confusion is sex (plus kill yr. idols) USED cd dgc$7.99
sonic youth goo USED cd dgc$7.99
Sonic Youth Destroyed Room: B-Sides and Rarities 2xLP Goofin'$21.98
Sonic Youth Evol LP Goofin' $17.98
Sonic Youth Kill YR Idols LP - Color Not On Label$19.98
Sonic Youth Daydream Nation 2xLP Goofin'$25.98
Sonic Youth Kill YR Idols LP Not on Label$15.98
Sonic Youth Diamond Sea 12" EP Geffen$14.98
Sonic Youth Goo CD DGC$9.99
Sonic Youth Dirty CD DGC$9.99
Sonic Youth Sister CD DGC$11.99
Sonic Youth Daydream Nation CD DGC$11.99
Sonic Youth Anagrama LP Sonic Youth$145.00
Sonic Youth Simon Werner A Disparu LP Sonic Youth Records$15.99
Sonic Youth Smart Bar Chicago 1985 LP Goofin'$25.98
Sonic Youth Sister 180g LP Goofin$20.98
Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising LP Goofin' Records$18.98
Sonic Youth Hold That Tiger CD Father Yod$11.99
Sonic Youth Goodbye Twentieth Century 2xLP Sonic Youth$21.98
Sonic Youth Goo 4xLP BOX SET Goofin$47.98
sonic youth sister USED cd dgc$7.99
Sonic Youth Konzertas Stan Brakhage CD Sonic Youth$12.99
Sonic Youth The Eternal CD Matador$11.99
Sonic Youth J'accuse Ted Hughes LP Sonic Youth Records$14.98
Sonic Youth The Eternal 180G 2xLP Matador$21.98
Sonic Youth Dirty 2xLP Geffen$25.98
Sonic Youth Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star LP DGC$19.98
Sonic Youth Battery Park, NYC: July 4th 2008 LP Matador$11.98
Sonic Youth Washing Machine 2xLP Geffen$25.98
Sonic Youth Goo LP Geffen$19.98
Sonic Youth Spinhead Sessions LP Goofin'$21.98
Sonic Youth / I.C.P. / The Ex In The Fishtank Vol. LP konkurrent$7.99
Sonic Youth / Mats Gustafsson / Merzbow Andre Sider af Sonic Youth CD Sonic Youth$9.99
Sonic Youth w/ Jim O'Rourke Invito Al Cielo 12" Sonic Youth$15.98
Sonic Youth | Jay Reatard Split 7" Matador$19.99
Sonics Introducing the Sonics CD Sundazed$10.99
Sonics, The This is The Sonics LP ReVox$17.98
Sonics, The Fifty 3xLP Etiquette $55.98
Sonics, The Introducing the Sonics LP Sundazed$19.98
Sonna Keep It Together 2xLP Temporary Residence Limited$20.98
Sonna We Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight CD Temporary Residence$10.99
Sonny Boy Williamson Down and Out Blues 180g LP Chess$18.98
Sonny Clark Dial 'S' For Sonny LP Blue Note$13.98
Sonny Clark Sonny's Crib LP Blue Note$13.98
Sonny Clark Leapin' And Lopin' LP Blue Note, Universal Music Experiences$19.98
Sonny Clark Cool Struttin' LP Blue Note$14.98
Sonny Clark Cool Struttin' 75th Anniversary LP Blue Note$20.98
Sonny Phillips Black Magic LP Prestige$11.98
Sonny Red Out of the Blue LP Blue Note$13.98
Sonny Red with Grant Green and Barry Harris The Mode LP Jazzland$11.98
Sonny Rollins Saxophone Colossus LP Prestige$20.98
Sonny Rollins Sonny Rollins with the Modern Jazz Quartet LP Original Jazz Classics$14.98
Sonny Rollins Sonny Rollins and the Contemporary Leaders LP OJC$16.98
Sonny Rollins A Night At The Village Vanguard LP Blue Note$21.98
Sonny Rollins East Broadway Rundown 180g LP Impulse$14.99
Sonny Rollins What's New? LP RCA$8.99
Sonny Rollins Way Out West LP Prestige$20.98
Sonny Rollins The Bridge LP RCA$11.98
Sonny Rollins Quartet Tenor Madness LP Prestige$15.98
Sonny Sharrock Black Woman CD Water$13.99
Sonny Sharrock Monkey Pockie Boo 180g LP BYG Actuel$13.98
Sonny Simmons The Complete ESP-Disk Recordings 2xCD ESP-Disk$22.99
Sonny Stitt / Bud Powell / J.J. Johnson Sonny Stitt / Bud Powell / J.J. Johnson LP Prestige$10.99
Sonny Vincent With Members of Rocket From The Crypt Vintage Piss LP Swami$16.98
Sonoma Aero s/t CD Tribunal$9.99
sonovac ep USED cd output$3.99
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