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Band Title Label Price
King Hell II CDr Plastic Crimewave$6.99
King Jammy Waterhouse Dub LP Greensleeves$17.98
King Jammy's Dub Explosion LP Jamaican$17.98
King Khan & The Shrines Idle No More LP Merge$19.98
King Khan and BBQ Show King Khan and BBQ Show LP In the Red$24.98
King Khan And BBQ Show, The Invisible Girl LP In the Red$18.98
King Khan And BBQ Show, The Animal Party 7" Fat Possum$6.98
King Khan And BBQ Show, The Bad News Boys LP In the Red$18.98
King Khan And BBQ Show, The What's For Dinner LP In the Red$18.98
King Krule 6 Feet Beneath the Moon 2xLP True Panther$23.98
King Krule King Krule LP True Panther Sounds$12.98
King Krule The OOZ 2x LP XL Recordings$24.98
King Missile Mystical Shit & Fluting on the Hump CD Instinct$11.99
King of Woolworths Rediffusion CD Lo$14.99
King Tubby Dub From The Roots LP Clocktower$13.98
King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown LP Clocktower$15.98
King Tubby King Tubby's "Controls" LP Abraham$13.98
King Tubby In A Dancehall Style LP Clocktower$13.98
King Tubby Explosive Dub LP Clocktower$13.98
King Tubby African Love Dub 1974-1979 LP Clocktower$13.98
King Tubby The Roots of Dub LP Clocktower$13.98
King Tubby Reggae Dub Box Set 3xLP Clocktower$37.98
King Tubby Crazy Bald Head Dub LP Clocktower$13.98
King Tubby Stalag 80 Dubwise LP Clocktower$13.98
King Tubby Iyatha LP Clocktower$13.98
King Tubby & Scientist In A Midnight Rock Dub Vol. 1 LP Abraham$15.99
King Tubby & The Agrovators Dubbing in the Backyard LP Pressure Sounds$20.98
King Tubby / Bunny Lee King of Dub LP Clocktower$13.98
King Tubby Meets Root Radics Dangerous Dub LP Copasetic Records$13.98
King Tubby Meets Roots Radics Dangerous Dub LP Greensleeves$13.98
King Tubby Meets The Upsetter At The Grass Roots Of Dub LP VP Records$14.98
King Tuff King Tuff LP Sub Pop$17.98
King Tuff Was Dead Reissue LP Burger$16.99
King Tuff Live At TMR LP Third Man$10.98
King Woman Doubt LP Flesner$17.98
Kings of Convenience Riot on an Empty Street CD Astralwerks$16.99
Kings of Convenience Versus CD Astralwerks$15.99
Kings Of Leon Walls LP RCA$25.98
Kings of Leon Aha Shake Heartbreak 180g 2xLP RCA$38.98
Kingsbury Manx Let You Down CD Overcoat$13.99
Kingsbury Manx Afternoon Owls CD Overcoat$7.99
Kingsbury Manx Aztec Discipline CD Overcoat$13.99
Kink Gong Tibetan Buddhism Trip LP Akuphone$27.98
Kinks Kink Kontroversy CD Castle$16.99
Kinks Village Green Preservation Society CD Warner Brothers$11.99
Kinks Kinda Kinks 180g LP Earmark$21.98
Kinks Something Else CD Warner Brothers$11.99
Kinks Percy CD Castle$15.99
Kinks Kinks CD Castle$16.99
Kinks Village Green Preservation Society 3xCD Sanctuary$23.99
Kinks Live At Kelvin Hall LP Castle$9.99
Kinks, The Kinda Kinks 180g LP 4 Men With Beards$20.98
Kinn Karlshorst CD Audio Dregs$12.99
Kinski Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle CD Strange Attractors Audio House$12.99
Kinski Airs Above Your Station CD Sub Pop$13.99
Kinski Don't Climb on and Take the Holy Water CD Strange Attractors Audio House$12.99
Kinski SpaceLaunch For Frenchie CD Strange Attractors Audio House$12.99
Kinski / Acid Mothers Temple Split CD Sub Pop$8.99
Kirk Lake s/t CD Dreamy$15.75
Kishi Bashi Lighght LP Secretly Canadian$13.98
Kishi Bashi 151a LP Joyful Noise$14.98
Kishi Bashi String Quartet Live! LP Joyul Noise$14.98
Kishi Bashi Sonderlust LP Joyful Noise$15.98
Kiss Me Deadly Misty Melody CD Alien8$13.99
Kiss Offs Goodbye Private Life CD Peek a Boo$11.99
Kiss Offs, The Rock Bottom CD Peek a Boo$13.50
Kissing Book Lines and Color LP Magic Marker$11.99
Kit Clayton When Cedars Fall 12" Soul Jazz$8.50
Kit Clayton Latke 12" Orlorng Musork$6.50
Kitbuilders Wake Up (Module Version) CD S.H.A.D.O.$15.99
Kitchen Cinq, The When The Rainbow Disappears : An Anthology 1965-68 2xLP Light In The Attic$11.98
Kitchen Cynics Parallel Dog Days CD Secret Eye$12.99
Kitchens of Distinction Death of Cool CD One Little Indian$19.99
Kitchens of Distinction Feel My Genie 7" Fierce Panda$5.99
Kitchens of Distinction Strange Free World CD One Little Indian$19.99
Kites Royal Paint With Metallic Gardener CD Load$10.99
Kites / Prurient Load Split series #4 LP Load$8.50
Kites / Prurient Split Series #4 CD Load$9.99
Kitty Kitty LP Medical Records$22.98
kix blow my fuse USED 7" Atlantic$0.99
KK Null Fertile CD Touch$14.99
KK Null / Chris Watson / Z'ev Number One CD Touch$14.99
Klangwart Stadtlandfluss LP Staubgold$16.99
Klaus Schultze Moondawn CD Ino$15.99
Kleenex / Liliput First Songs LP Kill Rock Stars$19.98
Kleenex Girl Wonder Ain't Going Anywhere Soon CD March$8.99
Kleenex Girl Wonder After Mathematics CD March$13.50
Kllo Well Worn LP Ghostly International$10.98
Kllo Backwater 2xLP Ghostly International$17.98
Klondike and York The Holy Book LP Weird Forest$8.99
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