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Band Title Label Price
Gifthorse / Phoenix Foundation Split 7" Poison City$8.98
Gil Scott-Heron The First Minute of A New Day LP Arista$13.98
Gil Scott-Heron I'm New Here CD XL$11.99
Gil Scott-Heron I'm New Here LP XL$19.98
Gil Scott-Heron 1980 LP Arista$13.98
Gil Scott-Heron Moving Target LP Arista$13.98
Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx We're New Here LP XL$19.98
Gil Scott-Heron / Brian Jackson Bridges 180g LP Arista$13.98
Gilberto Gil Early Years CD Wrasse$13.99
Gilberto Gil The Sound of Revolution: 1968-69 CD El$15.99
Gillian Welch Revival CD Acony$10.99
Gillian Welch The Harrow & The Harvest LP Acony Records$30.98
Giovanni Fontana Epigenetic Poetry LP Recital$19.98
giraffes the giraffes USED CD razor & tie$5.99
Girl Band The Early Years LP Rough Trade$14.98
Girl Band Holding Hands With Jamie LP Rough Trade$19.98
Girl Band Holding hands With Jamie Cass Rough Trade$9.98
Girl Band In Plastic 7" Rough Trade$7.98
Girl Called Eddy Tears All Over Town CDEP Le Grand Magistery$9.60
Girl Talk Night Ripper CD Illegal Art$12.99
Girl Talk Feed The Animals CD Illegal Art$12.99
Girl Talk Secret Diary CD Illegal Art$12.99
Girl Talk Secret Diary PIC DISC LP Illegal Art$16.98
Girl Tears Tension LP Sinderlyn$17.98
Girl With the Replacable Head Ride My Star CDEP Bus Stop$4.25
Girlboy Girl A 4-track EP 7". Orgasm$4.99
Girlboy Girlmp3 Forget the Ladder, Climb the Wall CD Kittridge$9.60
Girlfrendo Surprise! Surprise! It's Girlfriendo CD Siesta$18.99
Girlpool Girlpool 12" + CD Wichita$12.98
Girlpool Before The World Was Big LP Wichita$19.98
Girlpool Powerplant LP Anti-$21.98
Girls Album CD Matador$11.99
Girls Album LP True Panther Sounds$19.98
Girls Broken Dreams Club 12" True Panther Sounds$14.98
Girls Father, Son, Holy Ghost CD True Panther Sounds$11.99
Girls Father, Son, Holy Ghost 2xLP True Panther Sounds$19.98
girls against boys super fire USED cd touch and go$3.99
Girls Against Boys Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby LP Touch and Go$13.99
Girls At Dawn Girls At Dawn 12" Captured Tracks$12.99
Girls At Our Best Pleasure LP - Yellow Optic Nerve$36.98
Girls Names Dead to Me CD Slumberland$9.99
Girls Names Dead to Me LP Slumberland$12.99
Girls Names Don't Let Me In 12" Captured Tracks$11.99
Girls Names The New Life CD Slumberland$11.99
girlsareshort Early North American CD Upper Class$12.99
Giuseppe Ielasi Another Stunt 12" Taiga$15.99
Give Up The Ghost Background Music LP Deathwish, Inc.$12.99
Glaring Surge Unreleased Dreams 7" Moonscreen$3.50
Glass Animals Zaba 2xLP Wolf Tone$25.98
Glass Animals How To Be A Human Being LP Harvest$19.98
Glass Bottom Boats s/t CASS self-released$2.99
Glass Candy Beatbox LP Italians Do It Better$24.98
Glass Candy Feeling Without Touching LP Italians Do It Better$24.98
Glass Candy Geto Boys LP Italians Do It Better$24.98
Glass Candy Warm In The Winter LP Italians Do It Better$24.98
Glass Candy & The Shattered Theatre Love Love Love CD Troubleman$12.99
Glass Ghost LYFE LP Western Vinyl$13.98
Glasser Interiors LP True Panther$15.98
Glee Club s/t 12" Semblance$0.99
Glen Hansard Rhythm & Repose LP Anti-$18.99
Glen Hansard It Was Triumph We Once Proposed LP Anti-$13.98
Glen Hansard A Season On The Line 12" EP Anti-$13.98
Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova The Swell Season LP Overcoat$17.98
Glen Johnson Details Not Recorded CD Make Mine Music$16.99
Glenn Branca Symphony No. 2 (Peak of the Sacred) feat. Z'ev CD Atavistic$14.99
Glenn Branca The Ascension LP Acute$21.98
Glenn Branca Symphony No. 1 2xLP ROIR$29.98
Glenn Jones This is the Wind That Blows it Out CD Strange Attractors Audio House$12.99
Glial / 313 split 7" Lukewarm$3.50
Glide Curvature of the Earth CD spinART$13.99
Glide / Will Sergeant Glide 7" Enraptured$4.99
Glider Sand From Water CD Where Are My records$12.99
Glider With Ocean Between CD Where are My Records$10.99
Glidshees Long Time 7" Firestation Tower$4.99
Glissademp3 Further CD Glissade$6.99
Glissando With Our Arm wide Open We March Towards the Burning Sea CD Gizeh$15.99
Glitch Mob, The Drink the Sea LP Glass Air Records$19.98
Glitch Mob, The We Can Make The World Stop 10" EP Self Released$13.98
Glitter Ancient Rome LP Square Of Opposition$14.98
Glitterbug Priviledge 2xLP c-sides$20.98
Glo-Worm Glimmer CD K$11.99
Glo-worm Travelogue 7" K$3.99
Glo-Worm Beyond The Sea 7" Slumberland$2.98
Global Goon Family Glue CD Audio Dregs$12.99
Global Goon Family Glue LIMITED LP Audio Dregs$10.99
Global Goon Bessemer Cocktail LP WeMe$13.99
Glorybox Pale Blue Light CDEP Sally Forth$10.99
Gnac Friend Sleeping CD Vespertine$11.99
Gnac Our Distance (Matchmaker Vol. 2) 12" Darla$5.99
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